Edge Protocol

Beta Launch: The Dawn of Edge

In our beta launch, the Dawn of Edge, users will have access to the first community-based lending pool on the Terra ecosystem; by utilizing the power of the cross-collateral lending market #LUNAtics will be able to lend and earn interest together with.
  • Collateralize assets to borrow.
  • Leverage on long positions.
  • Open short position.
Assets in the Genesis Pool are UST, aUST, LUNA, LunaX, bLUNA, ANC, MIR.


Since this is a beta launch, Edge has imposed a cap on the total value that can be supplied into the Genesis Pool to limit potential damage and secure your fund.
The total value supplied will be capped starting at $10M.
Deposit limits
Total : $10M
aUST : $1M
LunaX :$1M
When the initial cap has reached, Edge will thoroughly consider the option of raising it gradually according to serve the community's demands and pool's circumstances.