Genesis Pool

Genesis pool is the first and only pool available in Dawn of Edge : Beta Launch.

Genesis Pool allows users to create a position by freely supplying any number of assets available in the pool and collateralizing them to borrow any available assets in the pool.

Below, we will walk through the high-level details of how each party involve with Edge Genesis Pool, more details on how to interact with the protocol can be found on User Guides.


By supplying an asset, users act as lenders, earning lending interest rate based on that asset's current lending APY. User can supply many assets.


To borrow asset, users need to post some of their supplying asset as collateral. By posting an asset as collateral, users gain borrowing power based on asset's corresponding collateral factor. Users can post many of their assets as collateral.

With borrowing power, users can now select the asset to borrow. User's capability to borrow a certain asset will depend on its borrowing factor and the borrowed asset's borrowing factor. Users can borrow many assets.

User's position will stay safe and healthy as long as the risk ratio is below 100%. Once risk ratio exceeds 100%, user's collaterals will be exposed to liquidation.

Once liquidation occurs, liquidator can repay the position's debt and earn the equivalent value of collateral + liquidation incentive of that collateral.

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