Interesting Yield Strategies for Genesis Pool

  • Leverage staking + airdrop. LunaX <> LUNA Start by collateralizing LunaX to borrow LUNA and then stake LUNA to get LunaX via Stader, then repeat until reaching the desired level of leverage. With the set of risk factors in this first launch, the user can leverage up to 2.5X of LunaX.

  • Leveraged native assets (e.g., LUNA 2X); Users can collateralize one asset let's say LUNA, borrow UST, then swap UST to LUNA, and repeat using LUNA as collateral, and keep repeating. This results in leveraging that asset. For instance, users can do 3X LUNA with current risk factors.

Besides these leveraging strategies, users can always earn yield via lending or even borrowing UST from our pool to earn more in Anchor. The possibilities are limitless!

Note: The numbers on this page can be changed once the risk parameter is changed.

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