Edge Protocol
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Protocol Roadmap

Here’s what we’ve been up to since starting:

Oct 2021

  • The first line of code - start developing the product.

Nov 2021

  • Introduced the concept of Protocol-Owned Money Market (POMM).
  • Kickstarted partnerships for POMM.

Dec 2021

  • Finished the contract for Guarded beta launch.
  • Started to be audited by The Z Institute.

Jan 2022

Moving forward

Our core focus in 2022 is to become a "Money-market-as-a-service provider," providing access to protocols, DAOs, and community an infrastructure to create their own money market for good.
Q1 2022
  • Community Genesis.
  • Dawn of Edge; Guarded Beta Launch.
  • Work with Partners for Protocol-owned Money Market (POMM).
  • Start full audit with Oak Security.